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It is with the greatest pleasure that I commend Dr. Kayee Siu and all of her staff.
I cannot underestimate the degree of professionalism in their treatment of me as their patient.  More importantly, it is their compassion, understanding, patience, and sense of humor that made my experience one that I will always remember in the most positive of ways.
I am one of those who literally have a "dental phobia"; which is a real  phobia.  This is based, in large part to my experience as a child.  As a result, I had severe dental problems.  Over the years, I tried other dentists, but was never able to obtain the degree of understanding I have from Dr. Siu an her staff.   I was very leery, but they worked with me, made sure I understood the procedures, and allowed me to express my fears while reassuring me without negativity or impatience, even when the procedure was uncomfortable.
The warmth and caring made the experience so much better than expected and shows they all genuinely care about their clients, from the front office staff to all of the technicians as well as Dr Siu.
All I can say, is thank you for giving me back my smile!  I will recommend them to anyone!
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